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Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics

Where are you located?

  • We are located upstairs inside the First Presbyterian Church on the corner of 8th St. and Monroe Ave. in downtown Corvallis, Oregon. Entrance via keycard is available through the 9th Street doors.

When are you open?

Who can play?

  • Only members of Corvallis Indoor Park may play. During registration, each member will receive four guest passes (total) per year. Children must be in Kindergarten or younger. Older children are not allowed to play. Any guest child attending Corvallis Indoor Park MUST have a liability waiver signed by the child’s parent or legal guardian on file with the park.

How much does it cost?

  • Per Year: $90 (October through mid-June) for each family.

  • ​Per Term: $55 (Fall: October through mid-February; Spring: mid-February through mid-June) for each family.

  • For Daycares: $100 Paid Yearly – Ask us for details.

  • Membership rates are pro-rated.

Are there any additional fees?

  • The cost of the first key card is included in the registration fee, and an additional card can be supplied for a $5 fee, upon registration. If a key card is lost, damaged, or otherwise compromised, the member must inform CIP and replace the key card out-of-pocket for an additional fee. After the fourth replacement, the member account is subject to suspension.

What does the cost include?

  • You can use the park with your children of Kindergarten age or younger on any day the park is open (typically, we follow the Corvallis School District calendar). Additional CIP member parties and other scheduled activities are also included in your membership fee. Part of your payment is taking on four co-op jobs during the year.



What level of commitment do I have?

  • Co-op members are responsible for four jobs per year (2 per term).

What type of jobs are they?

  • Co-op jobs include:

    • Vacuuming & Recycle Removal: This counts as 1 job. Children are allowed to accompany. Up to a 45-minute commitment. Arrive at the park at least 30 minutes before the park closes on the last day of play for that week. Vacuum the entire park, around all climbing structures, eating area, etc. Check the recycle bin and take those items to the outside recycle bins (a map of the recycle location is on the bulletin board).

    • Toy Cleaning: This counts as 2 jobs. Children are NOT allowed to accompany. Up to a 2-hour commitment. Takes place on select Saturday mornings throughout the year (check our calendar). Conduct cleaning and sanitation of all toys at the park via dishwasher and disinfectant solution, under supervision and instruction of the Toy Clean Manager.

    • Cleaning & Trash: This counts as 1 job. Children are allowed to accompany. Up to a 45-minute commitment. Arrive at the park at least 30 minutes before the park closes to pick up small toys that are left out. Check the Tasted Toys bin and clean the toys inside if needed. Review the pictures of the park (on bulletin board) and return small and large toys to their designated spots. Put the ride-on toys away in the back room (list & pictures are displayed at the park). Wipe down tables and high chairs in the eating area and straighten up the counter. Close the curtains on the shelves. Empty trash can and take the old one to the dumpster as you leave (a map of the dumpster is on the bulletin board). Replace trash bag with a new one.

    • CIP Parties: Each party job below counts as 1 job. Children are allowed to accompany. Up to a 1-hour commitment. CIP Party jobs include:

      • ​Party Set-Up: Meet the Party Planner at the park to decorate and set up before the party begins.

      • Party Help: Provide adult support for any stations or activities that the Party Planner has set up for the party. 

      • Party Clean-Up: Arrive at the park 15 minutes before the scheduled end of the party. Check in with the Party Manager to see what needs to be done. Once the party has ended, help the Party Manager pack up, put tables and decorations away, and clean up any leftover food. 

How long do jobs take to complete?

  • Each job takes a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of 60 minutes to complete, except for toy cleanings, which are held on Saturday mornings. Toy cleanings take two hours and count as two jobs.

What if I can’t show up for my job or take on jobs at the times they must be done?

  • There are limited opportunities to pay another member to do your job(s). You may ask the Jobs Manager if anyone is available to take up to all four of your jobs for the year, paid directly to the member. If you have an issue with one of your assigned jobs, you can email for a list of potential substitutes or to reschedule your job. If you do not show up for your scheduled job, your membership may be suspended or terminated.

Do I get a reminder for my job date?

  • If you have a valid email address on file with us, you should receive an email a few days before your job. However, we ask that you take responsibility for doing your job on the date you signed up for. Please make sure you put the dates on your personal calendar! You can also check the bulletin board at the Park to see who is assigned closing dates for the current month.


Registering for Membership

When is registration?

  • Check out the park before joining for the 2024-25 season on Park Preview Day, Wednesday, September 25th, 2024 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. 

  • Registration for new AND returning members MUST be completed IN PERSON. Registration days will be held on Thursday, September 26th, 2024 and Friday, September 27th, 2024 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on both days. Your total time at registration may be up to one hour for orientation, job sign-up, and payment.

  • Make up registration events will be held monthly. Date and time are TBD.

Do I have to attend registration?

  • Yes! Registration must be completed in person. You can not use the park until registration, orientation, job sign up, and payment have been completed. While we cannot hold a spot for new members, we do try to work with people if they are unable to attend and the park still has openings.

What if I was a member more than a year ago, but skipped one or more years?

  • Register during the regular registration period and take part in the orientation to make sure you know all the updated information on how CIP operates.

What if I can’t make it to registration?

  • Just shoot us an email ( and we’ll work with you to find a better alternative.

  • Make up registration events will also be held monthly. Date and time TBD.

Playing at the Park

Where can I park?

  • Please do not park in the church parking lot unless you are experiencing mobility issues in order to allow parking spaces for church business. Please note, most parking around the church area is limited to 2 or 3 hours (please check signs) and fines may be incurred by city enforcement past those limits.

What is your sickness policy?

  • Please refer to our sickness guide. We require that your child be free of fever (without medication) and without any vomiting or diarrhea for at least 24 hours in order to play at the Park. If you have been exposed to COVID-19 or have tested positive, please follow Oregon Health Department guidelines for quarantine. We also follow the Communicable Disease Guidelines for Oregon Schools.

  • In the case of exposure to a communicable disease (such as hand, foot and mouth or COVID-19), CIP will send a members-wide email alerting the community of the potential exposure. This is why it is critical that we have a valid email address on file for every member, and that members sign in each time they visit the park!

How do you clean toys?

  • We hold regular toy cleanings to sterilize all our toys, but we ask that you place toys that have been “tasted” in the appropriate bin to minimize the spread of germs. We use an industrial sanitizer, white vinegar, and bleach during our regular toy cleanings. For this reason, children are not allowed to attend during any toy cleaning jobs. For everyday use, we have disinfectant wipes available to clean toys and surfaces.

What if I spot a broken or damaged toy?

  • We have a bin where you can place broken toys. If you see a larger toy that is broken, please remove the toy from access by children and send an email to to report it.

What if I have older children with me?

  • Children older than Kindergarten age are not allowed to play at Corvallis Indoor Park. Please do not bring older children, as it can be difficult to keep them from participating in play. We do this so that the younger children don’t get injured and to minimize wear and tear on our toys, which are designed for play by younger kids.

What should I do with my stroller when I come to the Park?

  • Please leave strollers against the wall outside of the Park. Strollers inside the park are a hazard for children playing.

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